Are you interested in becoming a healer? Or are you a healer that wishes to enhance your powers and expand your techniques?

amazinGRACE® is energy healing with visible results, capable of taking place in seconds, without any need for massaging, applying pressure, or any other manipulation of the body.

amazinGRACE® begins its work beyond the physical body, where the healing force is needed most, and from there can take effect on the palpable ailment.

The spinal column is the supporting element of our skeleton. It is responsible for the complex transmission of neural information and chemical messages between the brain and the organs. It is the carrier of prenatal patterns and serves as our principal energy channel. In Sanskrit, this principal energy channel within our spinal column is called shushumna and all human karma is stored there.

Through our method of energy healing mental remnants of karma disperse, allowing the client a renewed sense of physical awareness. Internally, this often results in expanded consciousness, freedom, and growth, while physically the clients experience their spinal column noticeably straightening.

Through energy healing, physical pains and their strain on the body, such as chronic illnesses, can be treated and even completely cured.

Often, during their amazinGRACE® sessions, clients feel their organs shift back to their respective places and experience painful joints and limbs become fully mobile and pain-free.

amazinGRACE® re-establishes the free flow of energy and removes mental blocks. This reveals itself with an immediate, perceptible change of the body. Even persistent or destructive thinking patterns or behaviors can be removed by re-establishing the free flow of energy.

With amazinGRACE® even traumas from previous lives, and problems as far back as six generations, can be addressed. With reoccurring amazinGRACE® impulse treatments it is also possible to successfully cure difficult emotional trauma, like depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

We can proudly say that amazinGRACE® has comprehensive healing results that do not stop at incurable diseases. However, amazinGRACE® is also a good resource in trying times like: divorce, while grieving, or when handling external factors, such as loss of home or financial trouble. It also can be used to alleviate pain in home-health or hospice practices. amazinGRACE® liberates clients from fear and helps individuals to re-establish the connection to their own inner power, through the experience of grace.

The energy of amazinGRACE® is THE power that amplifies all other healing techniques and turns the healer into a miraculous one.

There is nothing more beautiful than to be able to create wonder, through a direct connection to the healing powers of grace.