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The cat is healed with amazinGRACE®


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Interview with Sonya and Maria, the before and after documentation.


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Cloe can not believe


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Wonder Healing


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Watch Katie’s patient rejuvenate during amazinGRACE® training


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Michelle had been disabled for years


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After years of struggles due to a severe whiplash injury, Ulla tells her awesome healing story through amazinGRACE®


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After not being able to walk properly due to knee-replacemants, Nicolaii almost jogs up the stairs after only ONE session of amazinGRACE®


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Phil tells us his rapid recovery experience from a stroke through amazinGRACE®


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Lifeforce comes back after an Aneurism stroke, through amazinGRACE®


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Narcolepsy with Cataplexy miraculously healed – Hawaii 2014


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Miraculous Healing in Austin, Women walks without crutches. MUST SEE!


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Amazing healing happening in Austin through the SKY-Method


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Injurie from roadside bombing during war in Iraq healed


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Bring this into the world!


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Work with the emotional body through the SKYourself method


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Hello to the students from Patti Valentine Kauai


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Jennifer can play Volleyball again


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See the truly amazing instant result of amazinGRACE® after a short hands-on at the taro patch Kauai new years event.


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Hello Neti & Anya,

at the wellness expo in Kapaa you and your daughter treated several conditions for me.

I had mild scoliosis, my hip was rotated forward and aching, my left armpit and left breast tissue caused me pain and was recovering from a severe strain, I also had difficulty breathing and suffered from coughing fits due to an accident I had, falling down a flight of concrete stairs a few weeks prior. My right forearm bone was sore to the touch, I could barely manage to touch it without cringing.

Since your treatment, I have had no more pain or aching in my left armpit or breast area, and it seems that if it was an injured rib issue that has improved dramatically.

Coughing is not a problem, and neither is breathing. I can touch my right forearm without cringing, although I can tell that it took quite a blow. My hips have been fine, and my back underwent the most strenuous test the other day. I went out whale watching on a zodiac boat for the entire day and the 15′ swells made the ride like riding a bucking bronco. This was a true test for my scoliosis. At the end of the day, I put some Arnica on my back and have had no difficulty with my spine despite all the pounding and wrenching.

Thank you, again.

But the most astounding difference is in my hernia. The week before my treatment I had been researching the Shouldice Clinic in Toronto Ontario, Canada to make an appointment to have my hernia repaired. Every time I would bend over to put on my fins for snorkeling, or my running shoes to go work out, or even bend over to pick something up, my hernia just beneath my ribs would pop out very uncomfortably leaving me paralyzed for a few minutes, until I could ease it back in.

Yesterday, much to my amazement, I was able to go scuba diving for the first time in my life and had no difficulty with my hernia. In fact, there was no sign of it. I am very grateful for your work. At 55 years old I am acutely aware of protecting my body so that I can continue to live life to the fullest and participate in the activities that bring me great joy and happiness. Your gifts have certainly enhanced my life.

You are blessed. Thank you, for sharing your gifts with the world.

Grace  of  GOD Productions
Peak Life Experiences Travel
Member: Hawaii Agritourism Association

I recently received amazinGRACE® treatments and was very impressed with the results. The pain that I had been carrying in my neck for the past year was reduced to practically nothing. The range of motion in my neck increased dramatically, and my posture underwent a dramatic improvement in just one session! I truly have experienced amazinGRACE® with my body and am very grateful!


Hello Neti,
Dan and I both received work by you and your daughter, Anya, a few weeks ago and I wanted to thank you for the literal miracles we have both experienced. Dan is breathing better than he has in 10 years after he was diagnosed with a genetic absence of antitrypsin of the worst form in 2007. He noticed immediate ability to both inhale/exhale in a much greater capacity after just one session, and he is still improving. I had considerable discomfort for approximately one week, but then noticed (even during the discomfort) that I felt like I was in a totally new body. The way I walk has changed and the movement of my pelvis (fractured in 3 places at age 14 in a MVA) became much more flexible. I wanted to thank you and Anya for the Amazing Grace that we both got to experience. We are still noticing subtle changes. It truly is a miracle. You are blessed, and now, so are we.

Kauai, Jan. 2011

„I recently received an amazinGRACE® energetic healing session and was amazed with the results. I felt more grounded and solid in my body, immediately after the session. My hips had a huge release during the session that even brought a tear to Neti, the practitioner. Since the treatment, I have felt a huge shift in my body. My center of mass is more around the center of my body and my hips feel more in-line with my torso. The session continued to work on me, beyond the initial session, for several days after. I now feel like my lower three chakras are connected to my upper chakras and my whole body feels in alignment. It was the most results I have ever received from a healing session in only one treatment. Fantastic!“

Kauai, Jan. 2011

Thank you so much, lots of tension has left my body, the first day I was very sore, but as the soreness goes away it is not replaced with tightness. It was wonderful to meet you and I hope our paths cross in the near future.

Kauai 2010


Since the untimely loss of my mother I always carried a gravity in my heart. I would often lay in my bed wishing that I could once again be truly happy from within.

I received an amazinGRACE® healing session as a gift from a very good friend. After that session, I went home radiating happiness. On my way home, I noticed a smile on my face that did not go away. Since then I feel as if I had taken an overdose of endorphins, and positive things happen to me in a wondrous way. I am happy as a clam!

Munich, September 14, 2009

In November of 2008, the horses of the stable in which my mare, La Negra, was lodged, escaped from their paddock and bolted. Wildly galloping on frozen terrain, the heard speeded over roads and pastures. A nightmare for every horse owner!

La Negra fell hard but kept on running – you must know that as a race horse in such cases she completely lacks pain sensation, because of the adrenaline release. However, when she could be returned to her box stall, it was immediately clear that she had seriously injured herself because she was standing on three legs only, which indicates the highest degree of lameness. The veterinarian, who was immediately consulted, x-rayed her and treated her as well as she knew how. After the x-rays were developed, the doctor said there was most likely nothing broken, and we would have to wait.

Since I knew Ms. Mueller from ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT for quite a while, I called her and told her what had happened. She told me she would send a remote healing impulse to Negra to help her. When I returned to the stable the same day, the mare was lying in her stall, moaning heavily. Suddenly she stopped, listened, started chewing and stood up. When I talked to Ms. Mueller on the phone later, she told me she had sent an impulse at that very moment.

During the next 14 days there were daily treatments on the energetic (amazinGRACE®) and on the physical level (lymphatic drainage, craniosacral therapy, acupressure, laser acupuncture). Sadly, the swelling and the lameness were not substantially better. You must remember, though, that after the accident the horse’s entire body was strongly compressed and her psyche was heavily traumatized. Already after the first amazinGRACE® treatments, her mental state stabilized, and her locomotive system relaxed. Due to my long experience as a physiotherapist, especially in the field of polytraumatology, it was absolutely surprising to me that La Negra, in spite of her severe injury – it would be revealed later how severe it really was – was in such good shape.

Alas, on December 15, 2008, surgery was necessary. The experienced surgeon of a renowned Munich horse clinic stated that La Negra had a case of “horror tarsus” (the worst possible injury of the tarsal joint). Whereas, usually he needs 10 minutes for this kind of surgery, in this case he needed an entire hour!! Several bones and cartilage fragments had broken off; there were hemorrhages in the capsules as well as ruptures of the ligament apparatus. The clinic director said he was not sure if the mare could ever be ridden again, and collateral damage was a possibility.

This turned our Christmas into a rather sad affair.

When I could take my horse from the clinic, at the end of December, it was freezing cold and all the paths were frozen, so I could not walk a single step with Negra outside the stable. Therefore, I decided to take the freshly operated horse to a well-known rehabilitation clinic, so she could be built up in the aqua trainer. The care she received in that facility was truly excellent; she received acupuncture and after the aquatic training she could relax for an hour in a warming chamber that was illuminated with pleasant colors. I supported the process of healing with homeopathic and phytotherapeutic medication, but it was striking to what extent the mare let herself fall into the energy of amazinGRACE® during the treatments carried out by Mr. Schinke (a pupil of Ms. Mueller) and despite the foreign environment, she seemed relaxed.

After 3 months, La Negra was released and at home we slowly started to get her accustomed to paddock and pasture again. The initial strolls turned into longer walks and now – 7 months after the operation – we trot 1 – 2 km in the open country. Sadly, the joint and, above all, the attachment of the Achilles tendon sometimes still fill with lymph, but there is definitely a trajectory towards improvement. She is still energetically treated 3 – 5 times a week and gets physiotherapeutic treatments in between; and she follows a customized diet.

Overall, I really maxed out the entire spectrum of possible therapies in the field of conventional and alternative medicine and especially energy healing! By that, it has become totally clear to me that every form of medicine is absolutely justified, they all could, however, profit very much from each other! The therapists and doctors of the respective fields have done an excellent job!

I cordially want to thank Ms. Mueller, who has supported us enormously and now has become my teacher! From my point of view the success in physical healing was above all made possible by the healing on the mental level.

I wrote this article, on the one hand to thank Ms. Mueller and her team, but above all to encourage the many horse owners with sometimes severely traumatized horses, because even in apparently hopeless situations there is hope for improvement and in the best case – healing!


In 2008 I came here for the first time, and at the time I could only barely walk with the help of my crutches, which I had to lean my entire forearm on, and then bend forward to move my body along. Already, since the first healing session, I walk entirely on my own.

I also had skin cancer that had already been cut away. Yet, the spot on my arm where it had been was still bothering me and the first session healed that, too. After the second healing session, these pains were gone, completely and permanently.

In the spring of 2009, I was diagnosed with skin cancer again. This spot on my arm was very painful; it was a big, black weeping spot. After I heard the diagnosis, I immediately went back to SAN ESPRIT and after only one more healing session the doctor searched for this spot in vain at the next examination.

The Clearise® house clearing was very effective, too, and since then I no longer suffer from cold feet while watching television.


We heard of your clinic in Romania

The pains started in May, this year, in my right foot. My toes were swollen; I couldn’t walk, or even put on shoes. I had taken different pain killers, consulted my family doctor, then specialists, a blood analysis was done, and the orthopedist told us it was beyond his expertise. Then, I was given different sorts of antibiotics, 3 times a day, for 21 days. At first a weak dosage, then stronger, in addition to medication against swelling. It did not help a single bit. Then, we heard of you and your results, and travelled 1300 kilometers to get there.

The results are beautiful. We are very satisfied. The ganglion on my other foot has disappeared, too. My bad foot is free of pain and not swollen anymore.

We are from Klausenburg, Transylvania, many thanks.

In August of 2008 I was at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT for the first time.

For more than 30 years I had a trigeminal neuralgia that resulted in terrible attacks. Every day, I was driven to tears and my entire body felt as if it were being electrified. I could barely walk and was not able to talk. The medication did not help me, but made me so sluggish that I could not articulate my words correctly anymore. I was scheduled to have an operation in October 2008 in Dessau, with the risk of paralyzed facial nerves.

After the three days of my stay at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT I no longer had the attacks, I just felt a little pressure when bending down. This relief was permanent.

I also had sleeping disorders, so that I was without a single night of good sleep. My sleep improved as well.

Since 2007, I also had fainting spells, and since the first stay at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, these troubles have gone away, too.

In 2004, I had an eye surgery due to a cataract. After the second operation my left eye was useless. Then the doctors wanted to give me eye injections to stop the illness. These would have cost me 1500 euros, which my health insurance would not have covered. I elected to do without it, seeing as how my lack of eyesight could not get any worse.

After my first stay at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT my left eye spontaneously began to see again. At first only shades of brightness, then I was able to recognize faces again.

Now I believe in miracles! It is my wish to return to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT soon.

In the meantime, my daughter, who had been with me during my first time at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, has begun a training in amazinGRACE® there. One time, when I felt really bad and weak, my daughter had healed me without my knowledge through remote energy healing. I immediately felt better and was very astonished and very pleased about that.
Since my second stay at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, I do not have vertigo at all anymore and my digestion has improved a lot. The pressure that was left of the trigeminal neuralgia now has completely disappeared.

88 years, Jeßniz, June 09, 2009

My scoliosis started only a few years ago. By the end of 2008 the pain was incapacitating. Right after my first visit at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the worst of the pain was gone. During the following sessions it got better all the time. Then, after a blood analysis, another bad diagnosis emerged. Immediately this was incorporated in the next session and a later check came back clean. During this examination, the second MRI image documents a significant improvement of the scoliosis.

08.06.2009 – Images before/after

Anne had a severe car accident on December 14, 1992. She was 20 years old then. She sustained a third-degree traumatic brain injury, and her left forearm was broken.

She was put into an artificial coma and woke up handicapped. She suffered from epileptic attacks and had a completely different personality.

For 16 years we have attempted to help Anne with every resource available to us. Since beginning regular visits to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the attacks have gone away. There has only been a single attack since we have been visiting, and we hope it stays that way.

Anne used to have nightmares, and those have also stopped since our visits to SAN ESPRIT.

Anne’s left arm can now swing freely along. She is generally in a better mood and has become more self-assured. The feeling of being alienated from herself has lessened, too.

It is important for me that Anne likes to come here, and she feels that something good is happening to her. It is wonderful for me to watch how the staff members respond to my daughter. That has never been the case anywhere before. This method is without any pressure or force and is uniquely kind.

April 2009, (Since February 2009 Anne comes once a week for a healing session)

With great expectations, I underwent a healing session with Ms. Mueller at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT in February of 2009. To summarize it right away: I was (and still am) enthusiastic – but first things first:

In the preliminary conversation we talked about my hopes and expectations while undergoing the healing process – my medical diagnosis was, above all, a psoriasis on both soles of my feet (since 2005). My wish was also to reduce weight after quitting smoking (I had been a heavy smoker for 25 years) – Then, I was measured, which showed that my body was crooked and lopsided.

The actual healing took place in a very quiet and pleasant way – I felt a strong pull at my shoulder as well as a at my arm and my right leg without anything actually pulling – just before the end I realized that my spine rested completely flat on the treatment table – the subsequent measurement showed a fascinating result: I was straightened – no hollow back anymore, everything straight as a line! After the healing I even had a muscle ache.

A few days later my ravenous hunger attacks abruptly decreased – my food portions have become considerably smaller – I accompany this with a change of diet – my stomach does not growl – I feel very good.

The skin on the soles of my feet has visibly improved, too, within three weeks – the skin is no longer red or inflamed, does not itch anymore and the cortisone cream, that has been my daily companion for many years, is only rarely employed. But, not only the condition of my feet, my skin condition in general has improved – my skin is fresher and firmer!

Best wishes and many thanks to all at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT! I am happy to have found my way to you!


Dear Ms. Mueller,

Today I want to thank you with all my heart for the successful healing of both of my knee joints.

In 2008, I was at your clinic four times. The first time was to treat my right knee after a meniscus operation. I still suffered from stinging pain and eventually wanted to be able to go mountain hiking again. After I had been at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, the length of my legs was equalized, and I started feeling better. Despite the improvements, sadly, I let myself be talked into another operation by my orthopedist, thinking: trust but verify. During this operation, the orthopedist moved the position of the patella without my knowledge, to bring it back into the so-called correct position. As a result, I had more pains than before, and my mobility was even worse. Meanwhile the extra strain on my left knee led to another diagnosis of meniscus damage. This time, however, I did not want surgery under any circumstances. So, I ruefully came back to you and once again asked you for help. I received two long, intensive sessions within an interval of about 2 months, and a third one later. That was about half a year ago. I could not feel an improvement right away, but suddenly I noticed that my pains have considerably decreased and today I can walk long distances without having problems. I realized that it was important to have patience and confidence, because this kind of treatment works on many levels and, therefore, it sometimes takes a little time before healing takes effect.

Thank you, dear Ms. Mueller for the wonderful healing sessions and the lasting success. All the best wishes for you and your team at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.

I want to tell you that I completely surprised my orthopedist in Munich, Dr. Heilmann. When he measured my spine and compared the current values with the ones from four years ago, he could not believe his eyes. I told him of my healing sessions at your place and he was utterly interested. He asked me for your address and phone number and wants to make an appointment with you himself.
Restoration of the vertebrae after postoperative bone degradation

I suffered from headaches and a dragging pain in my left hand, which even got worse when the weather changed, as well as numbness in my left leg due to a slipped disk in the lumbar vertebrae area. Two high-risk operations, with subsequent rehabilitation, acupuncture, magnetic field therapy, and physiotherapy, did not bring any improvement.

Already, during the first treatment, the numbness in my left leg decreased by about 40%. That was a great relief when walking, particularly on cobblestone. By now, my conditions have improved by 80%.

Because of these experiences I decided to have my cervical vertebrae area treated, too. After a spinal disk operation, the upper vertebrae began to dissolve, what clearly can be seen in the images (see below). This led to irritations of the spinal cord with strong pains, torture even. By means of conventional medicine, the only thing left for me was the next operation with bone transplantation from the pelvis to harden the vertebrae, an even greater risk.

After I had seen a bone regeneration of a foot joint by means of amazinGRACE® on before/after x-ray images shown here, I had hope and decided first to give SAN ESPRIT a try.

I went to healing sessions four times over the course of four weeks. The pains faded, and my head became more mobile. After the fourth session, the results were to be verified by x-ray examination.

My joy and relief were enormous. The degradation did not proceed any further. Actually, the images show a considerable regeneration. My doctor told me that an operation was no longer necessary because the necessary stability had been restored. He had no explanation for this except the rather unconvincing comment: now and then things like that happen.

Aside from my physical recovery, I suffered from depression for quite some time. My chest felt constricted and I was lethargic and without motivation. I lacked the joy of life.

I heard of the aura sessions at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT and felt this was something I wanted, without really knowing what it was all about…

My AURA, whatever that may be, was inspected. While they looked inside me, I experienced the most peculiar physical reactions, my hands getting heavy and light again, my legs starting to tingle, my entire body feeling light, as if I could easily lift off. Then something was discovered – a trauma to my chest.

They said I have been, or am, misjudged…which at first did not mean anything to me. When we searched deeper, it emerged that I was still suffering from an evil incident in my life that I had unknowingly blocked in my memory, even though such things are almost impossible to forget. Almost overnight I had been robbed out of a respectable position of 30 years by false accusations, and had lost my job, what resulted in a persistent life crisis. It was a blow I never really recovered from. It had pulled the ground out from under my feet. All the loving care and support of my family and my friends could not help me.

Here, four years later, at the aura session, this could be seen and removed. Already during the removal, I could feel my chest widening and my breath flowing freely inside me. The incident dissolved as if it had never happened. I felt the veil of grey fading away and my spirit was again flooded with joy, light, and power. My feeling of bliss and my relief were impossible to describe. When I came home, my family reacted with great astonishment! They asked me what had happened to me, and my daughter told me that I was once again myself.

Sometimes I think about how I would be now, without these treatments. When I think of what would have been the so-called normal course of the disease I get frightened, but now I am filled with gratitude and joy.

Schechen 06.01.2009 – Image beforeImage after

For two weeks I had feelings of vertigo, mainly when I was lying down. It was the worst when I was lying on my left side, my head felt like a merry-go-round. After one treatment these ailments were gone – no dizziness anymore!

Initially I came, in the beginning of 2008, hoping that the substantial cartilage damage in my right ankle, caused by thrombosis with blood circulation disorders, would improve at least so far that I would be able to reasonably walk again. The results were amazing. You can see the damage as well as the results in the pictures! The defective part was totally cured, and this was after only 2 months. Now I can do Nordic Walking and curling again. I even can lift heavy things.

Sometime later I had my sciatic nerve jammed, and I was not able to sit. I had to eat on my knees and due to the nerve irritations, all the muscles in my leg were quivering. During only one day with intensive treatments it improved so much that in the evening I could sit at the table and eat. My troubles were considerably alleviated.

Because of my results, my daughter-in-law had the idea to come to you with her daughter that was suffering from heart problems. After four treatments, I went to the zoo with the child. Whereas before she wanted to be carried or wheeled at least half of the time, she is now happily on her feet for more than 5 or 6 hours, just like the older ones. Not only that, she even was pulling a large suitcase on wheels behind her, uphill and downhill! That was amazing. I was impressed and even stunned.

16.12.2008 – Image beforeImage after

After I heard of you from my father-in-law I came, too, along with my four-year-old daughter. Lara had several inherent heart defects, among them aortostenosis, preventing the heart valve from opening completely. She also had inexplicable deficiencies in physical performance. She suffered from tiredness and was often apathetic. After the first treatment, the kindergarten called me to tell me that they noticed a considerable development boost. After four treatments she now is just as able-bodied as a normal, healthy child. This also had a positive effect on her social relationships. She has now made friends, which she could not do before!

We don’t think a heart surgery is necessary now, and that is exactly what we hoped for!

December 16, 2008

I was suffering from reflux disease and took 40 mg of medicine against gastric acid. Already, after the first treatment, I was able to reduce that to 20 mg. My stomach feels a lot better, and the bloating completely went away.

My knees were always cold, sensitive to pressure, stiff, and I had joint pain, mainly when it was cold. When I tried to kneel, I could not really bend my knees and was unable to properly get up again. Climbing the stairs was difficult for me. I am just 40 years old and couldn’t do a lot of things anymore which was very annoying to me. Immediately after the first treatment my entire body felt relaxed, I was much more laid-back, and my knees immediately felt better. Now I can kneel and get up again without my knees hurting. And, the sensation of coldness has mostly disappeared.

December 12, 2008

Christmas 2008 – This year brought me a special, extra present

I was lucky enough to stay for a few days at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT for healing, in Bavaria, and while there I experienced healing with Ms. Mueller.

I have to say I am not the most skeptical of patients, but neither am I a great enthusiast for energy healing. From the beginning, it was explained, in impeccable English, that Ms. Mueller actively seeks evidence of successful outcomes from every healing session. She invited my son to join her in assessing the problem areas of my spine. Together they pin-pointed the vertebrae that were out of alignment, marking them with a black pen and taking several photos. Next, they turned attention to my ankles, as I was lying and sitting on a treatment couch. They again used the black pen to show how one leg extended beyond the other, by about 1.4 cm!

I was unsure of what would come next but anticipated something like a chiropractic treatment. Nothing could be further from the case! First, Ms. Mueller used dowsing rods, to show whether the body was suffering negative effects from external devices, such as mobile phones or computers. Once she had shown this negative energy in my body, with the rods crossing in towards each other, she invited my son to have a try with the rods as well. The result was just the same.

As I lay on my back on the couch with my eyes closed I could only imagine what was happening. There was no physical contact at first, just a few moments presumably passing hands over me in the air. Then the treatment went through different stages, with hands laying on various parts of my body. I felt only the subtlest of changes but with each came a wonderful light show inside my head.

At first, it was as though a deep blue/purple whirlpool was at the top of my brain; it seemed to last quite a while and near the end of this stage I felt a mild pain in my right eye. I sensed that this stage related to child-hood injuries, which I had received when my father punished me.

The most vivid lights of all came when Ms. Mueller held my head cradled in her hands. It was as though someone was stirring a huge dish of golden scrambled eggs.

The gold color was bright and intense, but at intervals a kind of dirty grey/green cloud would float across and obscure it. Then it felt like a chef was stirring and as the eggs moved about the grey areas would gradually clear themselves. But it seemed to take a long, long time before the whole of my head was filled with pure gold.

Next, she concentrated around my rib cage, tummy, and left hip. The light was a misty, pearly grey color and it seemed to me that it became whiter as my thoughts turned to a love affair of many years ago. I recalled memories of the only lover I ever had who I think loved me unreservedly. I remembered what a blessing it was to feel loved like that, and I realized that this was gradually helping to close a kind of gap that I felt deep in my left side. My imagination felt the gap was in my ovary, or maybe in the womb. I sensed that it must relate to a pregnancy that ended in a termination more than twenty years ago. It seemed to take a long time to resolve and settle.

Finally, Ms. Mueller placed her hands on my forehead. By this point I was feeling as if my body had melted, like a candle melting into a puddle of warm wax. I breathed slowly and deeply as my mind filled with a rich ruby/pink color. I wanted to stay like that forever, it was so peaceful!

That is the story of my healing treatment, how it felt from the inside – a very personal perspective. But please see below for photos of the before and after positions of my feet! I said to Ms. Mueller amazinGRACE® is a trite kind of title, but it tells the story very well. It is amazing!

London / Frabertsham 26/12/08

I came to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT upon the recommendation of my friends. My complaints that persisted for years have gone away. Pains caused by a shifted vertebra that radiated into my left leg down to my toes, have disappeared thanks to your energy healing force. Since then I’m able to sleep through the night again.

Since I like to swim, I also complained about not being able to swim a 25m lane on my back anymore after a thyroid operation. Thanks to your help this problem is fixed, too. Now I can enjoy backstroke swimming again.

I had a very skeptical attitude towards energy healing but nevertheless came here with a lot of hope. The success of your healing power proves you right.

I want to thank you with all my heart and wish you lots of success.


Ms. Mueller’s hands were pleasingly warm. Emerging from her hands I felt waves of energy flowing through my body, giving me goose bumps and shivers.

I could feel my bladder move inside my body. After some time, my bladder was completely relaxed.

When treating the kidneys, one hand was on the kidney and the other on the knee. Again, I felt intense waves of energy coming out of her hands.

Finally, my entire body was completely adjusted and you can see it in the photographs. I feel completely relaxed and grounded.

December 19, 2008

I was born with a scoliosis that had been treated with physiotherapy and bandages and I had been to orthopedic convalescent care for children. Up to now, at 17, I had to wear an orthopedic corset to support my muscles so that both sides of my body would be strained equally. My mobility was very much restricted by the corset and after eating it put pressure on my stomach.

Now, after the amazinGRACE® healing sessions, my doctor confirmed that my spine is completely straight. Since he had been treating me for years he could not believe it, he was astonished and told me that this was impossible, but true, and that there was no medical explanation for it!

I do not have to wear the corset anymore. I can eat what I want to without being forced to burp by the pressure on my stomach. I am mobile and without restrictions. Above all, I can change in front of my friends without feeling awkward or carrying the fear of being teased because of the corset.

I also had elevated liver enzymes due to Pfeiffer’s disease. My liver was treated, too. The liver enzyme levels went back to normal. Usually, my levels are only that good if I do not eat anything fat or sugary, do not drink any alcohol, and otherwise lead a healthy life. I did not; and yet the values were in the normal range.


It’s hard to believe if you haven’t seen it for yourself! Long-time back disorders have vanished! Cervical spine problems are gone. And, a long-existing fear of driving is gone as well – now I get into my car and drive home untroubled and secure as if I never had any troubles before. Thank you, thank you for the grace and the gift that I was able to receive.


This was my disease pattern:

  • Strong pain because of two stiff vertebrae after a tumor operation on the spinal column in 1985.
  • Reduction of the mobility of one hand after a radius fracture in 2006, with strong pains in the wrist and thumb.
  • Restless-legs syndrome.
  • Headaches for the last 37 years, treated with “Dolormin extra” twice a day.
  • Sciatic pain for the last 24 years
  • In the last 30 years, frequent insomnia. My sleep was disrupted by at least four trips to the bathroom; sleeping was only endurable with the help of pillows between my knees, and my injured hand down by my side.
  • Great anxiety, frequently in connection with childhood traumas and the fear of possible recurrence.
  • Stiffness of the whole body.
  • Insecurities.

This is my healing:

Right after my first amazinGRACE® session on the 21st of September 2007, I was happy and yust wanted to sleep in sweet exhaustion.

  • My whole body felt, and still feels, soft. The stiffness loosened, the restless-leg syndrome has vanished, and the following night I was able to sleep at last, even without my “parade of pillows”.
  • Since then, I walk with a straight back again and obviously seem so different and vibrant that people often ask what has happened to me.
  • The pains I had for several years only reappear from time to time, and do not reach the intensities that they had before. This only happens if I weigh myself down too much. And, if they do appear, they vanish again.
  • It feels like a whole new life!
  • Today, fears from my past are far away. Conflicts I’ve had with my passed-away parents, that had been haunting me for a long time, no longer stress me out. Everything that occurred in the past is good, just the way it was. It even seems as if these things had never happened.
  • My soul is protected and can no longer be shaken up by external attacks that weighed me down before.
  • The responsibility for my life is now in my hands, and I can no longer be controlled by others.
  • Every additional session intensifies my healing process and the perception of my soul. Every morning, I look forward to the new day and often find myself smiling, whistling, or singing.
  • I am set free on every level.
  • Eight years of therapy by alternative medicine did not have even a small fraction of the effects that I witnessed through amazinGRACE®


In January 2008 I started my therapy at the San Esprit centre. My complaints were strong back pains that I’ve had for two years without any recess, when I was lying down as well as when I was sitting. Later I’ve had a tumour in the large intestine that caused me lots of pain. This tumour reached a diameter of 2.8 x 2.5 cm.

Already during the first therapy session with Frau Müller, I immediately felt that something had changed. My back pains continued for about a week, after that they vanished completely.

In the second therapy session, Mrs. Müller focussed on my intestine. During this session I again felt something changing. The pains immediately lessened. An ultrasonic test two weeks later showed that the tumour had shrunken to a size of 1.7 x 1.4 cm and was about to disintegrate. The examining doctor was very surprised and said that this was basically impossible.

Since the second session, I’ve been painless and have no more grievances

Born July 06.1962, Munich April 03, 2008

For more than two years, I have been able to enjoy the great treatments at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT. No orthopedist, osteopath, or chiropractor was able to help me with my longstanding back and knee pains before.

Then, I came to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT. Right after the first therapy session, I noticed a gigantic improvement. My back pains were gone almost completely, I was no longer as tired as I was before, and I felt better overall. In the second therapy session, I had no pains at all. The following treatments were a great success: knee, hallux valgus, nausea, lumbago, and I received remote healing. I have become a new, healthy, and happy person. I can wholeheartedly support a recommendation for the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.

Severe heart insufficiency with pending heart valve transplantation now only a slight heart insufficiency

In 1998 I had a slight, but long-enduring, flu from March 1st to April 9th; and after that a “severe heart insufficiency” was diagnosed. I suffered from water in my legs and in my lungs, causing a cough and insomnia – because of the water in my lung I could only sleep while sitting. I would constantly vomit due to liver congestion. Since then, I have been treated medicinally and was on the waiting list for a heart transplant. Although I was urged to do it, deep in my heart I refused this operation, searching for my own path to healing, always aware of death standing right beside me.

Before my first treatment at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT I had tried almost every alternative healing method, including family constellations, TCM, acupuncture etc.

In the winter of 2007 my blood levels changed for the worse. One blood hormone was elevated, causing the doctors to panic.

More or less for social reasons I went to an open house at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT in January of 2008. There, I experienced an emotional reaction that struck me as a sign and I had myself treated soon afterwards.

My personal health improved relatively soon. After 2 months of treatment, even the blood analysis showed that the hormone level had improved and only indicated a slight heart insufficiency.

After only 5 months of treatment, the cardiac output had risen from 30% to 35% and the cardiologist could see a much more harmonious sonogram of the left ventricle. The tightness of the heart valves was better, too.

Now, after only 6 months of sessions at regular intervals, I notice that I have considerably more energy and joy from life. My sleep has substantially improved. Even the varicose veins in my right leg do not cause me pain anymore, despite the summer heat.

All this has strengthened my belief that healing is indeed possible. I feel much better. I walk through the day with less fear; I am more easy-going and upright. I am looking forward to my future and enjoying the present. An odyssey of ten years has finally ended.

Born June 11, 1963, Frabertsham, July 10, 2008

Report of a family after an intensive stay of several days at Villa San Esprit

Already at the first stop on our long way home (to Bremerhaven from Frabertsham), our son noticed that his eyes somehow had changed. Before, when he held a hand before one of his eyes, that eye turned itself off and at the same time slipped away. Now he could see his hand and the eye remained at its place. The ophthalmologist told us point blank that nothing could be changed about this eye condition, because it was controlled by the brain. To be honest, we only mentioned the incident about the eye and did not really expect any successful treatment. We were astonished, and the results have remained! However, we do not dare to have him test it often, taking it easy on his eyes.

On Saturday, my husband and I did the first allergy test with an apple. I had bought the sort of apples that I was most allergic to (Jonagold). Normally, I get a burning in my throat and intense stomach cramps that last for hours after the first bite (the same with raw carrots and peas). My husband could eat no fruit at all, for years. I ate the whole apple without any allergic reaction. On Sunday, I dared to eat a carrot, and I ate the whole thing without having an allergic reaction. My husband showed a slight allergic reaction after a few bites of an apple, but the next day it was better (BEFORE, THAT WAS NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL). Maybe his self-healing powers also had something to do with his hemorrhoids, because they have decreased a lot, too.

I noticed that my legs have become much straighter and I know that this is not imagined. Sadly, my migraine came back a few times, but maybe this will be better in the future. Still, I can say that after the treatments at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT we experienced one miracle after another. What will become of Fabians’ gagging reflex we cannot surely say until he is back at school, however, we are confident now, because everybody is telling us that he looks very relaxed. My husband, who is a great doubter (which often pulled me down a bit), will recommend SAN ESPRIT to his boss who is suffering from cancer.

Dear Ms. Mueller, I want to thank you whole-heartedly once again on behalf of the three of us. We all have enjoyed our stay very much, and I believe that it was not the last time we will meet. Many thanks to all the healers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I already thanked heaven a hundred times for having led me to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT.

Best wishes and lots of love

After 32 years finally free von Migraine

Since childhood I suffered from strong migraines, about 32 years now. I often had to take 6 to 8 painkillers a day, which gave me no relief. A package of 50 tablets lasted about 2 months.

After my first visit to the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT, which was 5 weeks ago, I have only taken 6 tablets in total. If I need to take a tablet now, one is enough, and it helps!

My back pain has gone, too. I had enormous pain climbing the stairs, but after the first visit these pains had improved by at least 50%. After the second visit, my pains completely disappeared.

Here are some of my experiences with the healing treatments by amazinGRACE® from the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT:

I had problems breastfeeding my son because he refused my breast milk as soon as I had eaten something wrong. Several times I asked for help by means of remote distant healing, which we always successfully received. After that, my son drank without any problems and slept peacefully afterward, which is not always easy with him.

The frequent bowel colic’s were often treated via the telephone, too, and he became much calmer and pain-free.

Two times, the atlas was adjusted after it was dislocated during accidents. And his jaw was adjusted twice after dislocations due to teething.

After an allergic reaction to stain remover, his back was red as a lobster and had blisters, making it look like a severe burn. In the afternoon he was treated, after that you could literally see how the rash went away. In the evening, everything had disappeared.

He was tested for allergies, he was allergic to pears, eggs, peas, peanuts, figs, duck, oat, herring, certain grasses, pear trees, spruce, goldenrod, lime trees, grapeseed, oat grass, mold, fungus, tobacco and sheep wool. All these allergies had been resolved in only one treatment. This has been medically confirmed.

He also had a birth trauma and a trauma from the 4th month of pregnancy, confirmed by two alternative practitioners. In the 4th month of my pregnancy I suffered from nut poisoning. This was treated as an emergency via the telephone. The nuts were later examined and contained pesticides. During the telephone call, the vomiting ceased and in the evening all the reactions had calmed down. In an intensive aura treatment these traumas were removed.

Once, I had to go to the hospital with the child, he had swallowed a dyed piece of cloth and was in a lot of pain. During our drive there, he was treated by distant healing. All his pains were already gone when we arrived at the hospital.

After breastfeeding one night my son had trouble breathing, we had to rush to the hospital. His dyspnea was diagnosed then, but nobody was able to find anything or do anything. With the healing impulses that we received during this emergency his breathing visibly improved.

A severe gingival abscess that I had was also successfully treated via telephone.

Most vividly I remember the amazing, immediate healing of a lumbago. I took my son out of the cradle, went to the phone and called the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT. Immediately I received amazinGRACE® impulses via the telephone line and I could actually feel how the pain dissolved in waves. A short time later I was totally painless.

I was diagnosed with arthritis. I had already had operations on both my thumbs. I could not bend three fingers on my left hand. After the first treatment, on my way back home I was able to move my fingers again quite well. I also had watery diarrhea for 17 years, having to go to the toilet up to 18 times a day. Three hospital stays, and many doctors’ consultations brought neither a sure diagnosis nor an improvement. Sometimes I could not control my bowels. During the first treatment, I felt a lot of things moving in my bowels. Since the second treatment, I need to go to the toilet only once or twice a day. Since then, I can work again and, without worry, have a social life.
On my right hand I had a tendon sheath inflammation in the joint. In 2007 I had an operation that brought no improvement, and my left hand even became inflamed. Ointments and bandages did nothing to improve my condition.

During the first treatment, my left hand became completely painless and mobile. From this moment on, I was able to carry, lift, write, and work again.

After the second treatment, my right hand, too was completely painless and usable. The postoperative scars have healed, as well. The swelling decreased, and they are not red anymore. The sensitivity disorders, too, have completely disappeared already because of the treatment I received at SAN ESPRIT.

For about 6 months I had problems with my left knee. It was punctured to let the water out. The diagnosis was sediments in my knee joint. Before I underwent tomography, I came here for treatment, hoping to be able to avoid the upcoming operation. During the first treatment, the swelling immediately decreased. The tension has gone, and only the stinging pain under stress has remained. I hope this will go away, too.
I suffered from flatulence, due to a diaphragm elevation, which was caused by an operation during which a part of my lung was removed. These conditions led to breathing problems. I could not lie on my back at all, and on the right side I suffered from heartburn because my stomach had shifted.

During the treatment at SAN ESPRIT, loud noises in the upper area of the lung could be heard and I could actually lie on my back on the treatment table. Immediately, I was able to breathe much better. Back at home, the relief continued. Now, I have less phlegm, no heartburn anymore, I can breathe more freely, work under strain, and climb stairs. I can laugh again and rejoice.