Training Details

For reasons of quality assurance, we do not offer single-section training.

The reason for that is:

Healers that have completed their trainings at ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT will be able to produce superb and truly outstanding healing results. If we were to offer individual courses the healer’s education would be incomplete. That individual would only be able to heal “a little,” and would be representing amazinGRACE® without the full potential of healing abilities they are capable of learning.

With a gifted healer, a person seeking assistance will most likely find immediate results. If that same person were to find a healer that is only able to heal “a little” the outcome would be incomplete at best, and in the worst-case scenario it could even have harmful consequences. Most likely, however, someone who has only found a little bit, or no help will never again consult an energy healer.

We carry a great responsibility, and must maintain our excellent reputation.