Experiences from 2008 amazinGRACE® Training:

During a practice session, after the first initiation into the healing powers of amazinGRACE®, the students could feel the organs of one of the participants move back to their proper place. Carefully watched by all, a pelvic obliquity caused by an accident was corrected by a student. The fact that the participants were able to document healing results right after the first weekend far exceeded their expectations. What impressed the participants most, however, was the fact that everybody is already able to read the aura of both plants and people.

Diary from the Student’s
Impression 2009

Testimonials from the 2008 participants:

As soon as I came home after the first weekend, I treated my mother’s painful gouty finger. After a short time, the pain completely disappeared and never came back. Mama was utterly amazed! After that, I treated a tendonitis of a workmate. Their pains went away, too!
Gundi Gaschler, Karlsfeld

I am very surprised by my own results and already have received some requests for distant healings! I practice and enjoy my new skills to the fullest.
Frank Gaschler, Karlsfeld

For all my life, I have wanted to be able to heal with energy. I had already attended many seminars before finding this one. However, what I have already learned and practiced during this first weekend at the ÉCOLE SAN ESPRIT is beyond compare. I feel that I finally have found the right way of healing.
Margit Georgi, Schliersee

All my doubts concerning my decision to get involved in this training vanished after the first weekend. I am full of enthusiasm and gratitude for this education.
Edeltraud Zielbauer, Ingolstadt

Superb! I am overjoyed, since my initiation I feel good, grateful, loved, powerful, mighty, capable, and just GREAT.
Katrin Schinke, Schechen

Over the course of the training (I am in module 4 now) I have been grateful EVERY day. I am even thankful that no one before could help me with my back pain, because that is what brought me here, and led me to my personal healing.
Kathrin Schinke, Schechen

I am so full of gratitude to be able to participate in this training. I already treat many people and I notice, with astonishment, how fast I have become a blessing for these people. A completely new, sublime image of myself is arising in me.
Muna Saleh Mussa, Darmstadt

Testimonials from the 2009 participants:

amazinGRACE® is a great blessing to me. Although I have already received initiations in healing energies, during my own first healing session, I could instantly feel the very special power that takes effect here. The desire to heal with the power of amazinGRACE® is unique and everlasting. Today, after having completed module 3, I already offer healing sessions at SAN ESPRIT and have witnessed the most beautiful healings, that I helped to create! I have received the most wonderful feedback, and, in those moments, I am filled with deep gratitude and bliss at having been given the opportunity to help others. During the training, one miracle after the other occurs. Even my own aura session was a revelation for me.
Angelika Westner, Tuntenhausen

Despite a lot of stress at home I am taking part in this amazinGRACE® training. I often imagined how wonderful it would be to use these powers myself, but it exceeds all my expectations by far. I am filled with enthusiasm and am so grateful that I decided to participate in this education.
Katya Schumansky, Frasdorf

There is nothing more meaningful and precious than to actually help ill, suffering people. No matter where I am, my hands are always with me and my healing powers are always at my disposal. There are ill people everywhere and I can help everywhere. It is a miracle what energy healing can achieve, results that could not be accomplished by conventional medicine even after many, many years of trial. And the fact that I am able to do this, achieve miraculous results, is an incredible miracle for me, too.
El Sadat Sinani, Kosovo

It is fun, exciting, and fulfilling to participate in this training. I hoped to learn in order to help my family and myself. However, what I have learned and experienced by now, and what I am able to do already, exceeds my imagination and expectations. It is also a great step forward for me, personally.
Tanja Frey, Regensburg

After my husband, my son, and I had been at SAN ESPRIT for a few days and had experienced sensational and permanent improvements of our health, I felt a deep desire to participate in the training. Many obstacles made it difficult for me to participate, but nevertheless it was possible. Even though I am only at the beginning, I have achieved such wonderful results already. And though I have to travel almost 800 kilometers every time I attend the course, I definitely know that I would travel even three times longer to experience this. No journey would be too long for it!
Heike Schütt, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

During my first healing stays with my mother at SAN ESPRIT, I felt deeply touched by grace. Since then, my life has improved in a wonderful way. I was able to participate in the training with the help of my mother, who was deeply impressed with SAN ESPRIT after receiving treatment there herself. Being able to attend the amazinGRACE training is a groundbreaking experience for me. I feel like I have found myself, my new life, and my destination.
Ulrike Trommer, Heidelberg

I am taking part in this training course as a journalist, coach, and, therefore, an unbiased spectator. With the necessary skepticism, and a rational mind, I must admit that I am deeply impressed by the lesson contents, the way they are conveyed, and the accomplishments of the other participants of the course. I am also impressed by my own results while practicing what I have learned.
Annette Bokpe, Berlin