Learning Spiritual Healing

Since 2004, spiritual and energetic healing methods can finally be officially practiced and offered. Spiritual Healing can help and has helped in the past. It can have a preventive effect, it can complement conventional medicine and it can even help where conventional treatment has reached a dead end.

Every human being has inner healing powers and carries with him a subconscious potential of several skills. Both are to be detected and developed.

After various energy bindings and an instruction on healing techniques of different origins, the healer will by the end of his education, finally have found his own special way of healing, independent from any schools or techniques.

Along with the training and the experience, a change of awareness happens. The healer will understand that illness must not necessarily be something evil but can be understood as a way to God by means of the healing.

The final objective is to enable the healer to cure even a severe ill patient completely by connecting with the highest powers of healing.